About US


Established in 2001, Shanghai Content Chemicals Trading Co., Ltd. is primarily engaged in the production and sale of food additive, daily chemical materials, medical materials and petroleum chemicals and so on. Our main products include chemical raw materials such as 31% hydrochloric acid, 98% sulfuric acid, (30%,32%,48%) alkali liquor, selenium, selenium dioxide, sulfocarbamide, antimony trioxide, antioxidant, thiourea dioxide, stannous chloride, copper sulphate, nickelous sulfate, methylene dichloride, methanol, and ethanol. The company also produces food additives like Vitamin C, Erythorbate, lactose, lactic acid, aspartame. As the company expands its product categories and develops its market, it has become one of the largest chemical material sales companies in Shanghai over a short period of time.

A series of the company’s chemical products have been widely used in many dyeing, electroplating, food-processing and metallurgical enterprises. The company will be consistent in providing considerate service and favourable price on the road to a world-class chemical enterprise and to fulfill its social mission of “embracing the nature and treasuring the homeland ”.

Content Chemical is dedicated to providing high-quality and environment-friendly products.

It will keep a close eye on the development of the current chemical industry and spare no efforts to meet our customers’ every need to become their most credible supplier. Our goal is to be a long life enterprise.

Content Chemical gives top priority to the product quality to help our customers accomplish their corporate goals. A prestigious brand and good reputation is our intangible asset. The company has introduced the ISO9001 quality standards for its products and manages itself under the spirit of integrity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Looking back, every accomplishment we made is the driving force for us to move forward; looking forward, every progress we make will be accompanied with challenges. Content Chemical is determined to be a leading enterprise in the chemical industry. Every effort made is to build us into your most credible chemical material supplier and copartner in the world.