Hydrochloric Acid

Industrial hydrochloric acid

Chemical name: Industrial hydrochloric acid
Molecular formula: HCL
Molecular weight: 36.45
Physical and chemical properties:
Pure product is colorless to yellow transparent liquid with pungent odor, easily soluble in water, strong corrosiveness, can corrode metals, react with metal oxides to form salts and water, and react with alkali to generate salts and water , Hydrogen chloride gas is harmful to animals and plants.

Product grade:

Index name Index
  First grade Qualified
Exterior Yellow transparent liquid
Total acidity(In hydrochloric acid),% ≥ 31.0 31.0
iron(In Fe),%     ≤ 0.010 0.015
Organic matter(In benzene),% ≤ 0.15 0.20

Formulation basis: Q/321283GNH02-2002

Product use: Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, leather, metallurgy and other industries. In addition to being used as chemical raw materials, it is also used as an extractant and cleaning agent.
Packaging and transportation: Lined with acid-resistant rubber or polyvinyl chloride steel rigid board tanker, FRP tanker and storage tank.

Product availability: 5000lmt(July)

TEL: 021-68117006