Sodium Hydroxide

Chemical name: Sodium Hydroxide
For 96, 99% Tablets
Properties: Solid alkali is white solid or flake, with a specific gravity of 2.13. It is strongly alkaline and has strong corrosiveness to skin, textiles and paper. Carbon dioxide is absorbed in the air to produce sodium carbonate. Solid alkali has strong hygroscopicity, so it must be protected from moisture and air.
Caustic soda is an important chemical raw material, mainly used in papermaking, man-made fibers, textiles, dyes, daily chemicals, petroleum and petrochemical industries, organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, plastics and water treatment industries. With the continuous development of China's industry, various industries have put forward higher requirements for the quality of caustic soda, such as: artificial fibers, textiles, dyes, organic synthesis, and fine chemicals all require high-purity caustic soda with less impurities --- ion membrane Caustic soda. The ion membrane caustic soda distributed by the company uses the most advanced domestic production technology, and its impurity content is extremely low, which fully meets the production needs of various industries.