Sodium Chlorate

Sodium Chlorate

Chemical Name:Sodium Chlorate

Colorless transparent fuming liquid. It is an aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride gas. Was weakly acidic. Has an irritating odor. Reacts with silicon and silicon compounds to form gaseous silicon tetrafluoride, but it does not corrode plastics, paraffin, lead, gold, and platinum
Uses: Determination of silica. Metallurgical metallographic analysis. Analysis of silicon compounds. Make fluoride. Copper cleaner. Glass etching.
Safety measures
Leak: Quickly evacuate personnel from the leaked contaminated area to a safe area and isolate it to strictly restrict access. It is recommended that emergency handlers wear self-contained positive-pressure respirators and acid- and alkali-proof work clothes. Do not touch the spill directly. Cut off the source of leakage as much as possible to prevent entering restricted spaces such as sewers and flood drains.
Small leaks: Mix with sand, dry lime or soda ash. It can also be rinsed with a large amount of water and diluted into the waste water system.
Mass leakage: constructing a dyke or digging for shelter; using a pump to transfer to a tank truck or a special collector for recycling or transport to a waste disposal site for disposal.